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An easy-to-use, two-way video communication solution

While many organizations today offer online chat features, they lack the ability to connect visually with their target audiences a factor that can dramatically impact the success of a variety of interactions, including medical exchanges, high-end purchases, sales interactions and even the filing of insurance claims. The ability for your client, customer or prospect to literally see your representative, and vice versa, enhances businesses relationships and the overall user experience.

Finally, there is someone on the other end that your targets cannot only talk to, but see. Virtual Rep Connect delivers two-way video experiences that are close-looped, trackable and fully integrate with any CRM solution.

Visually engaging conversations

The most important interactions we experience in life are live and in person. Why? Because we can use all of our senses. Despite the success of online commerce and communications, visual interactions have been limited to Skype, Facetime, and similar solutions.

Virtual Rep Connect enables web integrated communications and interactions with targeted consumers, patients and professionals unlike any solutions on the market today.

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